Commercial Electrician in Oklahoma City

At Gary's Electric Service, we offer an extensive range of electrical services that can cater to the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes in Oklahoma City. Our skilled team of electricians take what we do very seriously and are dedicated to providing an electrical service that is second to none in terms of price, convenience and quality. We can quickly and accurately diagnose any electrical work that your business may need completed to ensure that your store, restaurant or downtown office is returned to full working order in the shortest time possible. As a locally operated business that has grown from the ground-up in Oklahoma City, we are very aware of the negative impact that a disruption to your business’s working hours can have on productivity and the slim line between profit and loss and ultimately, success and failure. So, what are you waiting for? If your business is in a predicament and needs professional electrical assistance then we should be the first number you call. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

More Than Just an Electrical Contractor

Unlike other electrical contractors in the Oklahoma City area, Gary's Electric Service offers a wide and varied array of services that can serve your business’s needs to the highest possible level. At Gary's Electric Service, we treat every commercial project that we work on like it was our first. It is this commitment to what we do that separates us from many of our competitors in the Oklahoma City area. We offer a wide variety of services including new system design, installation, upgrades and expansions to identifying and troubleshooting problems as well as testing and repairs. Our skilled and certified project managers will work closely with you as well as our team of electrical professionals to ensure that each of our projects is finished on time, on budget and up to code.

How Do I Know When to Call the Professionals?

At Gary's Electric Service, we know that the do-it-yourself attitude is a vital part of this culture which has helped so many businesses grow from the very bottom to the successful commercial entities that they are today. However, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to electrical work, there is only so much you can do without professionally certified assistance. So, if you have found yourself resetting circuit breakers or changing fuses too often then you know that it’s time to give us a call. Similarly, if the lights in your kitchen dim after your turn on the HVAC unit or you occasionally smell electrical burning then you need to let us know about it.

Don’t Settle for Second Best

As a locally operated business that has grown from the ground-up in Oklahoma City, Gary's Electric Service fully appreciates and respects the entrepreneurial spirit that is a core principle of so many small and medium sized businesses in the Oklahoma City area. It is this dedication to our job that means we will never for settle for less when working on a commercial project and neither should you.

If you own a business in town, it's inevitable that you'll need electrical work done eventually. From blown fuses to the installation of new lighting systems, commercial electrical work is a necessary part of business ownership for many. Whether you're hoping to have your space assessed for current and future problems, or there is an immediate issue that needs resolving, it always pays to go with a trusted company that has a solid track record of providing high quality work, like Gary's Electric Service.

Reasons to Hire a Commercial Electrician for your Oklahoma City Business

A commercial electrician from Gary's Electric Service in Oklahoma City will help you maintain a safe working environment for your employees and customers.

  • A commercial electrician can provide an overall assessment of the current electrical issues.
  • Using the latest tools and technology an exact diagnosis of areas that need to be repaired will be outlined.
  • From restaurants to retail outlets, a commercial electrician understands the electric needs of the industry.
  • Performs and installs the electrical work right the first time, which keeps your business running in a smooth manner without delays.
  • Follows zoning ordinances and obtains the proper permits required by your specific industry and location.
  • Has experience working with inspectors to reach the necessary approvals for your specific area.

How a Commercial Electrician Will Help Your Business:

  • A commercial electrician will help your Oklahoma City business avoid any potential dangers which may create fires or unsafe working conditions. If not addressed, the dangers can lead to major legal problems in the future. By investing in your business, you will be preventing issues from coming up down the road.
  • Provide necessary improvements and updates to the current electrical system. The upgrades may be as simple as replacing an outlet or as complex as rewiring the entire business, but our team will tackle it with efficiency and professionalism no matter how big or small the changes are.
  • The commercial electrician will upgrade the necessary safety and security features needed for your industry. Installation of new ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) around water usage to new security lights, the upgrades will improve the safety of your business.
  • Installation of energy saving features. Old buildings may lose money due to less efficient equipment. Updating may help you save energy, decrease expenses and promote environmental well-being.

When an experienced electrician makes the smallest improvement to the existing electrical system, the changes create a more efficient line of use. The result will be a lowered utility bill, and an electrical system that functions smoothly day in and day out. In Oklahoma City, a commercial electrician from Gary's Electric Service can help you with all the changes needed to maintain a high efficiency, safety electrical system.

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